Danny Knight

Building trust is essential



I am a barber because this is truly what I want to do.  I served for five years in the US Marine Corps, graduated from Colorado State University and then I went to Emily Griffith to learn barbering.  I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t change my career path for anything.

Through my military and collegiate experiences, I’ve learned that we are all simply human beings and we crave attention.  I love the conversations and connections I have with each guy that sits in my chair.  We start with a conversation.  We get to know each other.  What does he do?  What is his lifestyle?  Is he getting a haircut for a special reason?  Once we know each other, then I go to work.

Every day at GQ Barber Lounge I learn. I get better. We have amazing and talented barber/stylists here and I get to work with them every day.

I also love shaving my guests.  I’m known as the barber that will send you out with the baby-soft shave.  Shaving is an art. It takes extreme attention to detail. And I love it.

I’m inspired every day simply by walking down the street and seeing how many guys have bad haircuts.  It’s not that hard to look good. That’s why I love the conversation and consultation so much.  I’ll make you look good. I promise.



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