Ellie Martinez

Every Detail Counts



It’s Aunt Debra’s fault. That’s why I am a barber/stylist.  She has been doing hair for over 25 years.  Since I was a little girl, I remember spending hours in her shop and seeing how happy everyone was getting their haircut.

Honestly, providing razor sharp cuts, fades and tapers puts me in a Zen-like state.  Shaping men’s hair into a style that suits their head shape and lifestyle is exciting.  When my clients give themselves a “double-take” in the mirror it’s simply amazing.  I like having fun and I want my guys to enjoy their experience when they are in my chair. I want their haircut to be something they look forward to.

I take responsibility for my clients and how they look.  It’s more than a haircut. Come on guys, put down that soap. Use the right shampoo, conditioner and styling aids for your hair.  I want to be your barber. I want you to look and feel better than ever.  My job is to create your unique style and advise you on everything grooming so that you can do your best work and be your best.

I’m inspired by my work, by my co-artists in the shop and by education.  GQ Barber Lounge brings in some of the best educators in the barber industry and I get to learn one-on-one rather than from 50 rows away at a hair show. Plus, we have some very talented barber artists here as well.

If you are ready to step up your game, get a great haircut, learn how to style your hair and rock out your best look, then I’m your barber stylist.


Stylists Essential Tips:

  • Conidition your hair
  • Blow Dry your hair 
  • Use the correct product