Dava Norman

Replicating exactly what the client wants and exceeding their expectations. 



Different mediums of art have always come natural to me. While cutting and styling hair has always Kept me interested since every client is a new canvas. Going above and beyond what is expected allows for me to provide the experience a client is looking for.

I like to put forth 100% of my efforts towards listening and replicating exactly what each client wants while getting to add my own style to the mix is the icing on the cake.

The one thing I would like my male clients to know is its okay to branch out – find a stylist that you trust, stick with them and ask them questions. “we’re here for you”


Stylists Essential Tips

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions 
  • Pay attention to how your hair holds up between appointments Provide notes to stylist
  • It's your haircut, tell the stylist what you want!

Stylist Training

  • Cosmetology Training 
  • 2016 2nd place - Salon Fair for Regency
  • 2017 Wella Trendvision Participant