Joni Trujillo

Executive Stylist


Joni has specialized in men's grooming for a long time. Feisty and fiery she never holds back. Seriously, we've tried to settle her down and teach her to be politically correct. But it just didn't work.

We love the way she takes total care of her guests. First, you'll get a great cut. Second, if you've got hair growing out of your nose she'll tell you and then wax it. If your hands look alien she'll take care of that too. 

That's really it. Joni takes care of business and takes care of her guys. They love her and so do we.


Stylists Essential Tips

  • Listen to what I tell you
  • Keep you hands and nails looking nice
  • Bring me lunch

Stylist Training

  • American Crew MENSWORK I
  • American Crew MENSWORK II