Amanda Vaughn

Sculpting a style that is uniquely you 

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I have a deep respect for my clients and their hair. You should find yourself attractive when you leave a barber seat and that is my ultimate goal. I want to make you feel like an amazing you. 

Hair doesn't just occupy our head, we have a relationship with it. Since we may be stuck with our hair forever, or at least quite a while, we need to know how to make the relationship work. 

It's my goal to make sure I understand how your hair works, how you want it to work, and find the meeting place where you can have the best experience. I'm a creative person so I can always find a solution. 

Amanda's Essential Tips

  • Work with your barber/stylist to create a style that is unique to you and your lifestyle 
  • Don't be afraid to mix things up and be a little edgy 
  • Use product and styling aids to create the look you want.

Amanda's Trainings

  • Vidal Sassoon