Mitzi Crowl

I Want You to Feel Confident & Hot!

Mitzi starting a new mens modern haircut

After college I knew I wanted to go into a more artistic and fashionable career direction. I love that styles are always changing. I like forming relationships with my clients. My career is fun; it doesn’t feel like work. I'm known for my attention to detail, eye for style and incorporating what works for your lifestyle and personality. I will help you find a haircut you love, that is easy for you to maintain, and feels effortless. If you are having any concerns or problems areas with your hair or scalp, I can help! Let's chat. I want to be remembered as a barber who cared about her guests, took the time to listen, and continued to learn to be the best.

Mitzi's Essential Tips

  •  Don’t fight your cowlicks, find a style that works with them.
  • 90% of the time your product works better and looks better when applied on dry hair.
  • Store brand shampoos and products are the worst thing you can do for your hair and scalp.

Mitzi's Trainings

  • Cosmo School – Academy of Hair Design
  • Art of Shaving Training
  • Aveda Color and Cut Classes