Adina Martinez

Friendliness, Reliability & Consistency

 Adina starts the best mens haircut Denver has

There are three important traits that make me who I am as a stylist: taking my profession seriously, constantly trying to improve my technical abilities, and my genuine love of taking care of my guests. I want everyone in my chair to feel happy and relaxed, like they just finished catching up with a good friend. 
Producing a great haircut is what I strive for and it's what drew me to the business. I've stayed in the industry because I love what I do and because of the diverse and interesting people, both staff and clientele, that I am so privileged to work with. I am inspired by my peers in the industry, seeing how others improve their work is what motivates me to grow as a barber and stylist. I wish more men knew that it is o.k. to CHANGE. You’re never too old to rock the newest trend!


“Adina is the reason I go to GQ Barber lounge. Professional and great stylist.”
– Matt Benn


Adina's Essential Tips:

  • Know the pros and cons of your styling products 
  • Know how to properly use your products 
  • Set a time frame for when to return

Adina's Trainings:

  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Licensed Barber
  • American Crew Trained