Why Sport Stubble?

 Men stubble 

In the third grade,

Ricky used to push me around. Once during recess, he pulled a one-inch pen knife on me and I thought my life was over. If I had stubble back then he would have thought twice about picking on me.

Stubble makes you look tough, suave, and confident. Nobody messed with Don Johnson in Miami Vice or Clint Eastwood in all those great westerns. They had stubble. Even Bruce Willis looked like a wimp in Moonlighting until he got his stubble on as John McClain in Die Hard.

Today of course, we all want to be Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake. Oh admit it, you do.

Sporting the “5 o’clock shadow” has returned in style. The 5 o’clock shadow dates back to the 19th century English ritual of taking tea promptly at 5 o’clock. No English gentleman would consider showing up unshaven. That all changed when razor companies in the 1930's marketed new razors to get rid of unsightly facial hair. Goodbye "5 o'clock shadow," hello baby smooth.

Literally no one has time for tea, or even dinner, at promptly 5 p.m anymore. It isn't a "5 o'clock shadow" anymore, it's trendy. Stubble says "Hell yeah I can pull this off and I'm going to."

BUT not everyone can effortlessly pull it off. You have to have been afforded the genetics of a full face of hair. It won't work if you have hair in cheetah patches across your mug. Or your hair is too light and makes you look like you're stuck on a deserted island.


So Why Bother?

Let us blow your mind for a second. The average man will spend 140 days during his lifetime shaving. Think of all the Netflix bingeing you could accomplish in that time.

The truth is that stubble is more than simply not shaving. Like your lover, its requires regular maintenance and meticulous manicuring. And let’s get real, we’re tired of the Ryan Reynold's of the world taking all the ladies. We won't take it anymore. We're growing stubble.


Attack Plan:

Let your stubble grow for at least 24-48 hours (maybe longer to fill in)

 Mens grooming tips

Now that you have your scruffy palette it’s time to trim it and define your lines. Line up your beard neckline and shave below it. Set a line on your cheeks and sideburns and shave above it. A translucent beard oil or “lube” is better for line-ups than thick shaving cream. The design is in the lines. If you need a little guidance here consult your barber.

Invest in a trimmer. It’s an essential weapon in every barber’s arsenal and should be yours as well. Lately, we’ve been jonesing over the new Bevel trimmers. They’re powerful, precise, and look bad-ass.





The Process:

Shape it up.

 Mens hair grooming

Okay not like this but you get the idea. You’ll want to shape your stubble by removing unwanted hair above and below those design lines on your cheeks and beard undercarriage. The lines are what create the angular, aggressive and yet sharply detailed elegance.

Some facial hair grows in different directions so be careful to keep it trimmed to .5mm, otherwise it’s a beard. Start by growing it a little longer in the beginning. Give it some time to fill in. this may take a couple of days.





Treat it like the hair on your head. Extra love.

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Keep it clean by using a beard wash or conditioning shampoo. Also watch for ingrown hairs and treat them with Jack Black Razor Bump, Art of Shaving Overnight Balm, or Min Solution 2. Using a beard oil like BeardBrand Tree Ranger Oil will provide nutrients and keep your stubble soft.









Moral of the Story:

Remember, women don't just have to look at stubble. They have to feel it. And they hate the sandpaper feel on their face or anywhere else on their body, especially “anywhere else”. So treat your facial hair right. You'll thank us . . . but more importantly you'll thank yourself.

Oh and as for you Ricky, come get me now punk. I’ve got stubble.