The Winter Wardrobe Essential

Players Clothing Topcoat

Don’t be the guy walking in the cold, headed to your business meeting, wearing your puffer jacket. Sure you might look business professional underneath your attempt to stay warm, but what your boss can’t see, may hinder your chance to leave that crucial lasting impression. What are you missing? It’s the irreplaceable, crisp weather, fashion detail that states, “Hi I’m here, and I am to be taken seriously."




The staple overcoat for men’s fashion has evolved over time, becoming a winter necessity if you ever want to be taken seriously in the snow. There are many different variations of an overcoat, all having their own interpretations.  These slight differences in color, material, length, and breastplate determine where you are going, and when. Feeling overwhelmed yet? It’s okay, we are here to help.

If you haven’t started an overcoat collection, no worries, it is not too late to start! First thing is first; decide to get an overcoat, end of discussion. Now that that very important decision is made, let’s get down to the nitty gritty’s.


J.Crew Yellow Single-Breasted Topcoat

What is it:

The topcoat will be an essential piece this winter to meet your all-around wardrobe’s functionality. The evolution from the formal, below the knee overcoat aspired to be more versatile, that could be worn with both a suit and tie, or on the weekends with blue jeans. The topcoat fashion extraordinaire still serves the purpose of keeping you warm while adding a very defined and sophisticated element to your look. Coming just above the knee, or mid thigh, you have the option to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. If you are looking for the top crafted topcoats, go with 100% wool. This will last you throughout many winters, and give you the warmest experience. If you would like to step it up even another notch, make sure it is the perfect fit, by tailoring your coat for a made to measure customized final product.


Players Clothing Formal Topcoat

Where to look: Places around Denver

Now you know what you are looking for, where can you find such an amazing article of clothing? There are many places around Denver that offer an array of options.

Players Clothing is an excellent place to start for your very fashionable, and top of the line topcoat. Here you will find exclusive, not found anywhere else in Denver, Italian brands. If you want the best of the best, and you are in the Denver area, you are sure to hit the jack pot at Players. If you are not from these parts of town, Don't worry, they have a website.

When you go to Players, talk to Scott. Scott will welcome you with a friendly, familiar face, and make sure you leave with a smile, and with a lot of style! Although, you can not really go wrong with any of the many topcoat options available. 



Players Clothing Topcoat

What To Look For:

Timeless Tweed:

No one has ever gone wrong with a traditional tweed patterned coat to add that extra refinement to your look. This is a more formal option, but like I said, no one can go wrong with tweed.


J.Crew Topcoat With Hood

Keep it Casual

If you're more of a casual wearing, still keeping it classy, topcoat-wearing-guy, add a hood and your look suddenly gets easier to dress down. You can still keep your well loved tweed pattern, and still meet your girlfriend's parents for the weekend.


J.Crew located in the Cherry Creek Mall, can also add color and eye catching qualities to your overcoat wardrobe. This store does a great job at balancing the delicate equation of high quality, decent price, and top fashion trends. Meeting the guidelines to the triple threat, you can’t go wrong by checking them out.

When you have made it to the top stores, you will have options.



Players Clothing Casual Navy Topcoat

Navy, Forest Green, Copper and Classic Black

If you’re not feeling the color pop statement, sleek black is a good place to start your topcoat collection. Black is always the safe choice that you can't really go wrong with.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your colors, especially in the fall. Top color picks for 2016 include a dark navy, a rusty copper, and a deep forest green, all of which to be mixed and intertwined within one another. 

Adding a streak of color to your coat collection can step up your style game.                  



Single or Double Breasted:

You can either choose from a single-breasted or double-breasted style. So what is the difference? A double-breast style tends to fall more on the dressier side of things, whereas the single-breast style can be more easily dressed down for a casual wear. Double-breasted coats will also be a little warmer because of the extra material.


Now you know.

There is a way to have the best of both worlds. Your perfect Monday meeting confidence boost, your Saturday brunch sophistication, and your way to beat the cold. No more excuses. Get the respect you deserve, and the second glance of jealousy you've been craving. What ever the occasion, don't forget your topcoat!