5 Reasons to Get a Pedicure

 Pedicure for men

It's 2016. Men deserve to take care of themselves. Many guys include a pedicure for men as part of their normal grooming regimen.  It’s more about keeping their feet in great shape and less about luxury or frilly spa treatments.

Do men get pedicures?  Dwayne Wade, shooting guard for the Miami Heat and style icon, gets sports pedicures and the Washington Wizards include pedicures as part of their training regimen.

But they aren’t just for professional athletes that depend on their feet, pedicures just make sense for anyone's basic self care.  After all, we rotate and balance the tires on our car for a smooth ride.  It only makes sense to take care of the feet that take us everywhere we want to go.


5.  Happy Feet.  

 Pedicure for guys

Our goal is to have clean, healthy feet, not painted pieces of art on our toes.  Pedicures make our feet look and feel fantastic.  The process begins with a warm, foot soak in marine salts and skin softeners that leave your feet feeling silky smooth.  Along with trimming your nails and filing away calluses you also get a foot and calf massage. Plus, while you’re having a beer or a top-shelf cocktail, catnapping or taking in the tunes, a beautiful and talented cosmetologist toils away on your feet.  And while it’s pretty relaxing and definitely decadent, it’s also good for you.


4.  Sandal season.  

 mens pedicure

You’ve got those great leather Tevas and unfortunately your feet look like gnarled, nasty tree roots.  Get those nails trimmed, have that winter callus build-up filed down and get your feet ready for public viewing.  Believe it not, some guys even get their toes waxed.  Then go out and put your best foot forward.






3.  Foot Odor.  

 men and pedicures

This is a huge issue for guys and a major turnoff. Foot sprays are no help either. It just worsens the odor after time. Get a pedicure. The washing, sanitizing and exfoliation you get during a pedicure removes layers of dead skin, dirt and bacteria from your feet that create odor. Plus it feels amazing.



2.  Healthy feet are manly feet.  

 reasons to get a pedicure for men

Because there are more pores on the bottom of your feet than anywhere else it’s easy for infections to get in your body through your feet.  Getting a foot care treatment regularly reduces the chance for infections and fungus.  In addition, the foot and calf massage improves blood flow and reduces inflammation pain.  Getting rid of callus build-up and blisters also reduces pain.



1. Between the Sheets

 Get a mens pedicure for your loved one

Your loved one will thank you in ways you’ll appreciate.  Trust us, no one wants to sleep next to nasty, scratchy feet.  And we hate sleeping alone with our nasty, stinky feet. Seriously, no one will think you’re less manly because you got rid of your dragon feet, just that you’re considerate, sophisticated and self assured in your masculinity.  It’s sexy.



Takeaway Advice

Don’t buy a Groupon deal and head down to Nancy’s Nail Palace.  Instead, go to an upscale barbershop like GQ Barber Lounge in Denver, Colorado *wink wink.*.  It just feels better getting your feet detailed into shape in a male sanctuary where you don’t have to feel bad because you’re not sipping boba and getting sunflowers painted on your toenails. If not at GQ, at least make sure the place is sanitary.

Whether you get polish is up to you.  A lot of guys get clear polish and some sartorially inclined gents opt for black polish.  We recommend skipping polish altogether.  However, if your nails are soft or prone to splitting, ask for a nail hardener.


We recommend a pedicure at least every four months with sensible home care in between.  Home care includes occasionally sanding your heels with a pumice block (take the one they use home with you and purchase a couple more) and using a nightly foot cream or moisturizer.