The Winter Hair Tips You Need

Hair Advice To Get You Through the Seasons

Winter is great; snow, holidays, fireplaces, comfort food, eggnog; but it’s not a holiday for our hair.

Harsh winter winds, dry air inside and out. So dry in fact, that it can suck the moisture out of our hair like an ex-wife on payday.

We must change up our routine a little. After all, we blow out our sprinkler systems, put on snow tires, and trade our lawn mowers for snow blowers. We are sure to transition the rest of our routines, so why not hair?

Here's a few simple tips, tricks, and hair treatments for men to keep hair looking and feeling great through the winter. 


1. Shampoo Less

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Try to shampoo a little less often and certainly less vigorously. Use lukewarm water. Watch the ingredients in your shampoo and avoid alcohol (in your shampoo, not in general). 

The key is to keep the natural oils in your hair.



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Use a hydrating shampoo and think about using a hydrating conditioner.

Dry warm air blasting out of furnaces and harsh cold winds can dry out hair and create static charged fly away hairs.


3. Condition  


A weekly deep conditioning treatment can improve scalp help and improve the moisture in your hair. Think of it as a Sunday Morning Ritual.

Slather it on and let it sink in for 20 to 30 minutes and let it do its job.

You can make your own natural treatment by blending jojoba and coconut oils.

Then shampoo, condition and you’re good to go.

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4. Air Dry

Ease up on the towel drying fresh out of the shower. Just pat it dry and let it dry naturally.

Avoid the turbo-charged mega-watt blow dryer if you can.




5. Protect and Preserve!

 classic mens hats

Wear a hat when you go out. First it keeps you warm. Second it looks nice. Most importantly, it keeps the cold harsh wind from wrecking your hair. If you want to style up think Goorin Bros. or if you want the slouchy hipster look think King & Fifth.

Try it on! Don’t sacrifice style for healthy hair, now you can have it all.


By making simple, and painless adjustments to your hair regimen, you won't have to flee the state and go north for the winter. Cozy up with the reassurance that your hair can love the winter festivities just as much as the rest of you.