The Sockless Look

 Sockless Men

It’s hot. Really hot.  And you gotta cool down, dress a little more casually and add a little savior-faire to your step.  So if you’re thinking of going sans-sock and want to know how to pull it off, we got you.


The Occasion

 Business meeting attire

Discretion is always a good rule.  Making a presentation to a boardroom full of crusty old curmudgeons is not the time to go sockless.  For many other non-formal occasions and most business situations it can add a bit of style and panache to your personal brand.  The key is to look intentional and not as though you forgot or had no clean socks.

Be mindful of the season and the weather.  Going sockless should be a summer style option. Look for cooler, lighter fabrics and a hemline that’s high enough to sport some breathing room.  Think chinos with slim legs and maybe even cuffs.


The Hazards

 Mens Feet

Your feet sweat, up to a pint a day.  And trust us you don’t want to be sloshing around in your loafers and emitting that disgusting squelching sound as you glide through the office.

Then there is the odor.  Yeah, your feet stink.  Why do you think the dog leaves the room when you get home and pop up those penny loafers?




The Rules

 Mens pedicure

Start with clean feet.  Duh… And let’s kick it up a notch and wash an antibacterial soap daily, exfoliate those hoofs once or twice a week and use a moisturizer.  You might even want to get a pedicure. Your feet will thank you.  Your dog will thank you.

Slap some tan on those alabaster ankles. You don’t want to frighten the children.

Make sure your shoes can stand the spotlight.  Leave the wingtips and cap toes at home. Leave the boat shoes on the boat.  Think richly shined loafers, clean sneakers or snazzy canvas shoes with outrageous laces.


The Basics

 Men ankle socks

Wear invisible socks.  Like the inserts they will provide additional cushion and wick away moisture.  Plus, it is simply the civilized way to go sockless.  We recommend Invisible Cotton-blend socks by Falke available at Mr. Porter.

Put in a pair of cotton or leather inserts.  They’ll help cushion your paws and soak up some of the moisture.

If you must use powder (and maybe you should) order On Your Toes Bacterial Foot Powder

Use cedar shoe trees and some shoe deodorant.  And let those shoes rest a couple of days.


We admire you for stepping out with a sense of style.  By throwing caution to the wind, (not your foot stench) you’ve taken a bold step in the right direction.