The Scalp Tips


Scalp Care Matters

We know that with career demands, financial concerns, relationship issues and so on, that scalp care is not exactly flashing warning lights on your radar screen.  Then again, armed with a little basic information, it’s one less thing we have to worry about.  With that in mind here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy scalp and hopefully a full head of great looking hair.

First up, there is no such thing as healthy hair.  Hair is simply protein.  It has no deliveries on the blood circulation route and essentially gets no support from your body once it makes its appearance.  The scalp on the other hand does and is most often neglected.  We should pay attention to maintaining a healthy scalp so that we improve our chances of supporting healthy looking hair.  Here’s what to do:



 Scalp moisturizer for men

No, you don’t need to lie on the couch and talk to it but it can, at times, feel neglected and unloved.  Sound familiar?  Ok, back to the story.  Do you have an oily scalp?  Is it dry?  Do you have an itchy scalp, dry flakes or worse, the dreaded curse of dandruff.

Your hair needs to be cleansed, conditioned and styled.  In many cases, a one-size fits all will do to shampoo your hair.  But your scalp needs a treatment designed for your skin type.  If your scalp is normal and healthy then use whatever shampoo your barber or men’s hair stylist recommends.  If you have a scalp condition and most of us do, then these are our scalp treatment recommendations:

Mediceutical Laboratories has shampoos and scalp therapy serums to treat any scalp from dry to oily to flaky.



 The shampoo for oily scalp men need

Not exactly an historical revelation here, but keeping your scalp clean goes a long way toward keeping your pores unclogged and fending off other scalp problems.  Plus, it’s another accomplishment to put on your resume.  Simply shampoo for about two minutes and don’t go overboard with the scrubbing.  You start off with about 120,000 hairs up there and trust us, they are not loyal and will eventually leave you.  Be gentle with them so they stay longer.   





 Shower Head

Yep, hot water robs your scalp of the essential oils and moisture it needs to maintain a proper pH balance and to do its job.  We understand that sometimes a nice hot shower is just what we need but it’s not good for your scalp first thing every morning.  Fair enough?




 Aveda Scalp Treatment

It’s true, modern men exfoliate just about everywhere, no, not in public, but certainly on your face, body and scalp.  It removes dead skin cells that have nobly served their purpose and need to move on to dead cell heaven.  We love Exfoliating Shampoo by Aveda.  Use it a couple of times per week to gently scrub your scalp, add back some moisture and take in the aromatherapy.  Plus, when she sees Aveda in your shower she’ll know you have a softer, gentler side. 




 Massaging your scalp

Massaging your scalp every so often is a good idea because it increases blood flow to the scalp, helps keep your skin elastic, soothes nerves and relaxes muscles.   Plus, every so often you just gotta rethink what the boss said yesterday and rub your head.  Three or four minutes during your shower by gently kneading your scalp with your fingers without pulling your hair should do the trick. 



 Hair dryer for men

Using a blow dryer like a blast furnace to style your hair or aggressively towel drying not only damages your hair it excessively dries up your scalp.  We recommend using your blow dryer responsibly.



Healthy looking hair begins with a healthy scalp. Farmers pay a lot of attention to the soil in which their crop grows. If you think about your hair in the same way, chances are your hair will look incredible.