Stubble or Clean Shaven?

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. The debate about facial hair and beard styles has been raging for decades; clean shaven, facial hair stubble or beard. The truth is that there are no firm rules. It is a matter of personal choice and lifestyle.


No question, there are a lot of men who continue to sport facial stubble and wear a variety of beard styles. And they do so successfully. However, we think things are changing. Hipsters are, well frankly, yesterdays’ news. Styles and fashion trends are tightening up and turning back to classical looks.


Our top Denver barber Diego Carreon believes that more guys are choosing a clean-shaven look. Carreon comments that “stubble facial hair styles have run their course.” George Clooney, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and even Jon Hamm are choosing the clean shaven look. Recently, Jennifer Aniston was quoted as saying that she grew tired of hubby Justin Theroux’s stubble.

In years past, stubble promoted ruggedness and masculinity. But times change and fashion trends
evolve. Clean shaven men are now looking to convey competence and trust in their personal style. It’s about demonstrating that you can get the job done whether it’s in the bedroom or the board room. We believe in creating trends instead of following them. All men need to find their own path to success in their personal and professional lives; and chances are that stubble won’t be a deciding factor.
However, sweating the small stuff and designing a personal grooming regimen that complements the rest of your lifestyle makes sense.
We think that the clean look is fashion forward today for those who want to break out of the pack and get noticed. Conservative style and tight, clean grooming always gets noticed and usually by the people that you want to impress.