Should I Get My Nose Waxed?


Well…. yeah, but only if you need to. We don’t recommend it for idle amusement. However, as men age, hair begins to grow in other places. Your nose is one of them. And honestly, it’s hard for people to take you seriously or to pay attention to you if you’ve got these stalactites hanging from your nostrils.

You could rip them out with tweezers. Ouch!! And frankly, who has the time or patience to stand there plucking hairs out of your nose? Using a cheap trimmer from Walgreen’s doesn’t really do the job thoroughly. Plus, it freaks out your wife. And if you think she’s going to trim your nose hairs, dream on.

At GQ Barber Lounge we do a ton of nose waxes. It takes about 10 minutes and costs 15 bucks. The technician simply applies a hard melted wax is to the tip of a small wooden applicator and places the applicator inside the nostril, not going any farther than the ball of the nose. After a couple of minutes the applicator is pulled out. It’s smarts a little for about a second and then you’re done.

Trust us, you’ll both look better and feel better!