Hair on Fire

 Franco Bompieri

The Art of Barbering with a Candle 


 Franco Bompieri providing haircuts for men 

Franco Bompieri is the Master Barber of Milan. From very humble beginnings, Bompieri, now 84 is the proprietor of Antica Barbieria Colla founded in 1904.  This barber is decidedly old school eschewing modern tools, gimmicks and techniques, preferring instead to practice the art of barbering the old way using  a comb, scissors and yes a candle. 






Okay, not quite like that. 


Bompieri has been cutting men's hair for over seven decades.   

“The farmer knows how to cultivate the earth, the tailor knows fabric, the barber used to be very important. You have hair. Don’t let it get cut badly.” 

The Italian barber uses a candle toburn the ends of the hair.  Bompieri believes this process closes the pores, preserves keratin, inflates the hair  and allows nutrients to remain in the hair.  The practice dates back thousands of years and has become  a lost art. He also claims it keeps hair from falling out. Outdated? Perhaps, but the 84 year old barber still has a full head of hair and so do all of his clients. Watch the “Taglio A Candela” clip below.