Dopp Kit Essentials

Dopp kit essentials

Every man needs a Dopp Kit; that handy little grooming tool bag that we need to look our best and handle any little grooming emergencies that arise in the field.

Not sure why it's called a 'Dopp Kit'? We weren't either so we did a little research to find the answer once and for all. 

A brief history: Charles Doppler was a leather goods designer in the early 1900’s and either he or his nephew dreamed up the nifty little toiletries bag.  The case took on a truncated form of his name as the Dopp Kit.  Millions were issued to Army recruits during World War II.


Type of Dopp Kit

Your first charge is to select the bag itself.  This is really a personal decision but there are a few things to keep in mind.  First, think quality.  This is something you are likely going to be using a lot.  It makes sense to opt for something you will enjoy using for years.

Second, she will see it, she will look in it and she will want to know that you are both organized and prepared for whatever happens.

Third, think compartmentalization.  When you’re on the road you want to get ready quickly.  No time to rummage through the kit looking for whatever or risk getting stuck or cut.  Put things in their separate compartments so you can use them as your grooming regimen progresses.

Last, we like bags with liners because things will spill and you will not put the cap on as tight as you thought.  As for design, look for functionality over style.  We prefer hanging dopp kits.  No, they may not look as cool but we’re looking to get up and out fast.


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Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Aids

No, you don’t want to use that hotel crap and you don’t want to bring it home with you either.  Just say no.  If you can’t get travel sizes of your prescribed hair products, then simply pick up some travel-sized bottles from the drug store.  It’s cheaper and you can refill them from home.

Body Wash

We recommend body wash over travelling with bar soap because it easier.  Who wants to deal with a slippery bar of soap when you’re on the road. If you insist, simply buy a soap container when you pick up those travel bottles.


Remember, you want to look your best and that means traveling with right products for your hair.


Body Wash

We recommend body wash over travelling with bar soap because it easier.  Who wants to deal with a slippery bar of soap when you’re on the road. If you insist, simply buy a soap container when you pick up those travel bottles.



Of course, we need deodorant.  Pick up a roll-on and you might consider both a deodorant and an anti-perspirant.  Different climates, sitting on the tarmac for hours and packed elevators can increase your deodorant demand.  Use the anti-perspirant at night and the deodorant in the morning.  This way you’ll stay dry and fresh.

Shaving supplies

Maintain that facial hair.  No running down to the lobby or a late-night jaunt to Walgreens.  Pack your razor with a spare blade, shaving brush, shave cream, after-shave balm and you’re set.  If you use a shaving brush, bring along a cardboard toilet paper tube. It protects you bristles and wicks away moisture,  Oh and don’t forget that styptic pencil.  Can’t rush out to the first encounter with a piece of toilet paper on your neck.

Dental Floss, Toothbrush and Toothpaste and mouth rinse

Include your toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth rinse.  You need to maintain the oral hygiene game and make sure you’ve got all the dental tools you need to maintain fresh breath and dislodge the spinach and sushi remnants from your teeth.


Need we say more

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Lint Roller

This separates the smart guys from the dumb asses.  Take along a lint roller.  They come in so handy and offer you that completely finished appearance.

Tide to Go Stain remover pen

Because that marinara sauce on your white button-down will not be taken for a tie.


A Sewing Kit

This will make you the McGyver of the Conference should you need to put a button back on, quick patch a tear or use that thread to quickly escape from the high rise.

Manicure set

The hands can take a shockingly brutal toll from going far distances. Fortunately, they can always be toned back into a presentable shape with a simple pair of nail clippers.


Small first aid kit

Bandages, aspirin, digestive aids and minor drug store remedies can prevent unpleasantness on the road..



Safety pins

If you ever need one you’ll feel brilliant having these on board.  Consider them the duct tape and coat hanger of the road warrior.

Spare cash and credit card

It’s called emergency in case you lose your wallet, need quarters for the phone or a credit card to pay for dinner.

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Smart Thinking



Every man should have a signature fragrance and it goes with you.

Face wipes

Those little packets really come in handy when getting off the plane, right after dinner or whenever you need a quick refresh

Sleeping Pills

Sometimes it hard to sleep on the road and these can be a life saver.  Just make sure it is a sleeping aid you have used before.  

Body Powder

A body powder can really be a life saver in hot, humid environments.

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Most of us neglect this at home.  But include these in your kit.  Long golf games, plant tours, whatever, and you could be fried before you know it.

Lip Balm

Every climate is different. Chapped lips are a turnoff and are easily remedied.

Contact Lenses and Glasses

Yes, it’s possible to break or lose our glasses somewhere or have a contact fall out.  Bring an extra pair of glasses, spare contacts and cleaning  supplies.


And there you have it!

If your dopp kit wasn't in tip top shape, at least you have the essentials to get it there. Travel safe, and travel smart!