Denver Fashion Week '16

This past weekend, GQ Barber Lounge was proud and honored to be a part of Denver's growingly notorious fashion week. If you were there, you know what we're talking about, if you missed it, it will be back better than ever! Don't miss the next show if you can help it because seriously . . .

Amazing Show, Amazing Talent

 Denver Fashion Weekend 2016

Charlie Price, in collaboration with 303 Magazine, put on a fashion show weekend that featured local designers, local boutiques, as well as national names from NYC and more. It was incredible how they combined a range of style, and pulled off one of Denver’s biggest fashion shows. Not to mention the incredible 10th anniversary hair show for the grand finale Sunday night.

Every single night, the energy was buzzing with excitement, and the music was pulsing the very alive and beating heart of DFW. People showed up looking their best to watch all of the stylists’, designers’, shop owners’, and everyone else who pitched in, hard work come into action. The lower level seating was sold out all three nights, and you would look up to see the second level balcony lined up with watchful stares.  The stage was lifted and made an impressionable statement. I will say, drinks were a little pricey, but that was the cost I was willing to pay for such a classy event. Along with cocktails to sip on, guests got to enjoy finger food from local venders who participated in the booth sponsorship.  


Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. every night, with a line forming well before hand. Guests got to live the high life with a red carpet experience leading them through the entry way. Amd what is a red carpet event without a photographer snapping professional photos of you and your friends? Well that is precisely what Denver fashion goers’ got, as DFW was excited to welcome them to their grand event. No it wasn’t NYC fashion week but all fashion week's had to start somewhere and Denver Fashion Week is on the path to grand proportions. The energy really comes from the intimate and close-quarters setting the venue provides. Watching a fashion show in such a fervent crowd is something else. 


There was so much passion that was poured into the show, and so much hard work, it was inspiring to watch and witness what people were able to accomplish with minimal resources. DFW brought Denver a sense of community that is so important to local designers and boutiques that depend on a word of mouth outreach. With this show, many shops were able to showcase their brand image, and let their own designing personality shine through their outfits. Local models got to gain valuable experience with the runway and make an impressionable name for themselves. Fashion may not be as mainstream in Denver,  so this was a grand movement towards a more diverse, and art driven city. With outlets such as a fashion show, people are allowed to express themselves and enrich the world with their talents and welcome a new perspective into the lives of Denver residents. A hub tailored to fashion, art, and design in Denver, attracts more talent that will add a layer of depth to the culture of our growing city. Being a part of this evolving industry within DFW allows me to see beyond myself, and into a very colorful future that I am very excited to be a part of to say the least!

What is to come of DFW? I have no idea, however it is sure to turn some heads and raise even more excitement than ever before! I want to see more designs, more local talent, more styles, more people, more, more more! This type of event, and atmosphere is something that people can not get enough of, and sends the message of individuality as well as the importance of a community. On a very serious note, I would very much so love to see the men's fashion and grooming aspect of the show increase in exposure. Men we have some work to do, but men's grooming has a huge role in this industry, and a part to play just as much as women. Do not forget that, and let's get men noticed!

Here is a recap of GQ Barber Lounge's first documented experience at DFW'16. We had a blast there, as well as producing this amazing video. Thank you 303 magazine and Charlie Price for having us. Also, big shoutout and thank you to the tremendous hard work put in from all the participants who walked in the show, as well as everyone who contributed behind the scenes to present us with such a fantastic night out!