Choosing the Perfect Comb

 Best comb for men

Let's face it. We obsess over the big stuff. We agonize over such heady issues as whether the cup holders on our new Mercedes AMG are both heated and cooled. And what is the pixel ratio again on that 90 inch flat screen?

And then, there's the little things. The inexpensive necessities we use every day that can immeasurably improve our lives - if we gave them a little thought. You know, cheap wine openers from the liquor store, neon colored toothbrushes, and COMBS.

Most of us pick up cheap combs only when we remember or stumble across one from a fancy hotel. We aren't suggesting that combs are something to split hairs over (pun intended) except that cheap plastic combs WILL actually split and break your hair. 



 Mens hair combs


Call us snobs but we get what we pay for. Cheap is cheap. Free combs are free for a reason. It would be ignorant for us to believe the manufacturing of free combs was a well curated and refined artisan process. We suggest investing extra moola for quality like free range and cage free combs. Your hair is an investment. Invest in it.






 Big tooth comb


Different combs serve different purposes. So what we are about to suggest shouldn't surprise you. You may need more than one comb. There are even custom beard combs. It's okay if you need to take a breather during this overload of information.




 Horn comb


Plastic is out. Was it ever really in? Plastic combs will legitimately wreck your hair. The way they're created causes mold ridging that snags you hair and, basically, rips it apart. And it's safe to just say no to hard rubber. This isn't a toothbrush. Animal horn is your best bet in finding a superb comb that won't hold static or rip your hair. Thanks animals.


 Combs and brushes


Five Words. Taylor of Old Bond Street. Besides having a great selection, they have been in the comb game for a very long time. Comb legends. If you're looking for fine tooth, we suggest Kent. And, of course, the best in the animal horn arena is Garret Wade. While your at it, buy some tools from them as well. Multipurpose. 


There you have it. You're an expert on combs. Or at least you can sound like one to all of your friends. Oh, and you will look exceptional every day. You're welcome.

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