Be A Better Man


Lose weight. Go to church. Spend quality time with the family.  It’s annoying.  Every New Year’s we feel compelled to make resolutions.  As if the turning of the annual odometer on the calendar had some mystical power to strengthen our personal discipline.  Enough.

We’re here to make life a lot easier for you.  Simply resolve to be a better man.  Why succeed at dropping 20 lbs this year only to find that you’re getting home later and your relationship suffers.  Then you’re resolving next year to spend more time with your significant other.

The modern man struggles to be the best at everything.  And then there is the conundrum of work life balance.  Again, it’s annoying.  It is bloody, freaking annoying.


Simple Tips To Be & Feel Better

  • Stay Hydrated & get enough sleep
  • Take the stairs every so often.
  • Never, ever... super size it.
  • Get a better haircut. Instead of using coupons at the Super Snips place to save a few bucks (we had to get a plug in somewhere).
  • Sometimes work late because it’s important.
  • Other times, slip out early and catch a movie, get a massage, take your girl for an early glass of wine.
  • Simply decide to be a better man and let the resolutions take care of themselves.

The Japanese have a saying about chopping down a tree one swing at a time.  Things take time, perseverance, patience.  Our view is not to make another list of things you won’t accomplish, not to find an accountability partner to make you feel like crap for not working out and certainly not downloading some lame app that creates graphs to show just how much you suck at keeping commitments to yourself.