5 Reasons You Should Exfoliate

 Mens exfoliating

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; all your problems will be solved if you exfoliate. Okay, not your bills or your broken iPhone screen. We’re talking the little grooming issues you just can’t seem to tackle like nasty hands, stinky feet and bacne.


Said no one ever.

Trust us. Adding exfoliation to your weekly routine will be beneficial in more than one way.


1)  The Basic Benefit

 Mens hands

Forget the days of dry cracked hands showing masculinity. We think it’s safe to say no one wants to be touched by your creepy dry and scaly hands. Firm handshakes are one thing but if your skin wounds someone, we’re in bad business. Exfoliating removes dead skin. Simple as that. Dead skin build-up often results in rough and dry skin. You are a man, not a bridge troll.


2)  Shaving

 Exfoliate for men

We mentioned this previously when talking about ingrown hairs. Exfoliating will help you achieve a closer shave. Shaving’s not as easy when the razor has to fight through layers of build-up first. If you’re a mountain man with a huge beard, you need not worry about this. We’re talking to the baby-smooth clean shavers. With a closer shave, you’ll also be preventing the ingrown hair issue.


3)  Stinky Feet

 Foot care for men

Maybe you weren’t listening when we talked about pedicures. Your stinky feet are killing the trees. Which is obviously a lie but if it gets your attention, fine. Remember dead skin? Yeah we hate that sh*t. Sweat doesn’t cause odor, bacteria does. Your dead foot skin is harboring it like a Seattle Fish Market.  




4) Acne

 Back Acne or Bacne

Perhaps it’s a problem for you. If not, leave this place. We don’t want your perfect skin here anyway. For the same reasons exfoliating lifts dead skin, it helps remove dirt and grime from your pores. This is really applicable to anywhere acne may be a problem for you. Most men find back acne or “bacne” to be a problem. So get a loofah, some sugar scrub and go to town.



5) Aging

 Men Aging

Let’s all take a second and stare our mortality in the face and accept a terrible reality. We’re aging. Exfoliating has more than one perk in the anti-aging department; it removes the excess layers of dead skin that cause lines to be more visible AND helps your mens moisturizer and other mens grooming products penetrate deeper to and prevent men aging. Stay the handsome ladies man you believe you are by finding the fountain of semi-youth.



So that concludes our session on why your dead skin is the worst. Most exfoliants can be made with things you have in your kitchen pantry, like sugar and honey. We’ll give a how-to on home exfoliating recipes later but today, we want you to know that we care about you and your stinky feet.