5 Fall Trends You Should Know

Fall Mens Fashion Trends

We waited long before writing these very words but Fall is Coming. Even Starbucks is rumored to release its signature fall beverage in the next 30 days. Just some perspective.

No time better than the present to change our bad habits. Don’t lie. You are about to pull out the same jacket, pants, and sweater you have worn every fall for the last 3 years.

You don’t have to be nose deep in fashion magazines to spruce up your attire. No need to be an expert on fashion trends for men.  It’s time to step up your style game, so we have 5 trending tips to keep you ahead of the curve.  




1)      Color

Copper Fall 2016 Mens Fashion

Olive. Brown. Black. Navy. Umber. Especially Copper.

Discard everything you think you know about matching. Mix brown and black or navy and brown.



2)      Turtle/Funnel Neck.

H&M Fall 2016 Mens Fashion Trends

We’re not talking elementary school photos, no. The 60’s style of high neck has been brought back. Whether loose or tight fit, this will step up your style game in an unexpected way. It looks best with a collared bomber jacket.  Which brings us to . . .






3)      Bomber Jackets.

Mens Bomber Jacket Fall 2016 - River Island

Look for a wide collar and a good fit. It makes the difference between stylish and slouchy. ‘Nuff said.







4)      Slouchy Pants

Mens Fashion Trends - Pants

They aren’t MC Hammer pants, don’t worry. A looser fit rolled up at the ankle with high ankle shoes make this trend a 90’s skater / 50’s greaser combo. It’s a classy trend.





5)      The Duffle Coat

Duffle Coat Fall 2016

Stemming from its popularity in the 1950’s, the Duffle Coat resurfaces again.  Take it in a retro direction with the high funnel neck shirt. Who knows, you could surprise yourself.





There you have it.

Try out the simple alterations to your wardrobe and you are sure to impress with refined style.