Denver Barber Shop, Mens’ Salon or The Barber Lounge


When we were kids, we went down to the barbershop on the corner to get our haircut. The haircut wasn’t very good, but we didn’t care. It was something we did on Saturday morning with Dad and we loved it. I can remember the smell of the Clubman aftershave, talc, and the Lucky Tiger balm. It was the best.

Then times changed, the corner barbershop fell away and we started going to salons and quick service clip joints. Those places were and are still are, awful. The quick-service spots didn’t give you the time and attention you needed, and the salons didn’t give you the same fraternité and attention to detailthat a barber shop gave you. We don’t want aromatherapy or celestial realignment.  All we want is a freakin’ man’s haircut, and we want that if we’re 10 years old or a 100.

Barbershops are back. Some are still bad. Some still have the same old fartgiving the same bad haircuts he did 30 years ago. And he is still using that Clubman stuff. And maybe your dad still goes there. But you should step up your game. You need a modern man’s barber shop.

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Some barbershops are cool and they have really great barbers. These are hip shops and you can usually get a pretty good haircut there. Sometimes they get little too focused on their tattoos, gauged ears, chains, motorcycles and whatever else screams “I’m the ultimate hipster.” Is that what you want? Maybe going to the old fart with Pop isn’t such a bad idea after all. I Still love that Pinaud Clubman smell...

Then again, there is an alternative. The Barber Lounge. You knew we coming to this, right? GQ Barber Lounge created the barber lounge concept. We named it. And we continue to evolve the concept of barbering on a refined scale. This is where a Denver barber works and what a Denver barbershop is today.

First, you are a man. And you want to be treated with respect and you want to be acknowledged.  You are not a 4:30 appointment. One of our barbers will have a conversation with you about your hair, about your lifestyle, andabout your grooming regimen. Then, they will take the time to craft a haircut that works for you. Do you have cowlicks, a receding hairline, thinning hair, gray hair, dandruff, itchy scalp? These are hair issues and scalp issues that need to be discussed, and we have barbers that know how to comfortably talk to you about your hair needs.

Second, Barber stylists only cut men’s hair. They specialize. It is harder to give a barber cut than it is to cut women’s hair. Why? Because it’s shorter. You don’t want lines and weight. You want blending and tapers and fades. You want a barber.

Third, this is a man’s place. Yes, we have whiskey, and we have beer. We have Playboy. We don’t play Taylor Swift and sometimes we say fuck. If you want another drink, you get it. And we don’t tell ever.

The Barber Lounge. This is how men get a haircut.

Oh, did we mention, you can still get that Bay Rum and Clubman aftershave smell.