Your Hands Are A Direct Reflection of How You Approach Life

Don't call it a manicure. Avoid the obvious "man" "cure" pun and let's call it what it is, Maintenance for your paws. Take a look right now, how are your mits doing? Gnarly? Can you identify a cuticle, if so, where does it end? Our hands never get a break. Even when we are resting, we are working our hands on the remote, the phone and the bottle opener. Stress accumulates in the joints and the skin around your nails grows wild. Let us take care of your hangnails, calluses, dry skin and nails. Everything you touch will thank you.


Express Nail Tune-Up 

 Men getting manicures

This is a maintenance treatment when you routinely maintain your hands.  We recommend every two weeks with your haircut. (15 minutes)

Essential Hand Repair

 Manicure for men

This is The Standard.  An essential service to make certain that your hands say you are ready for business whether personal or professional. (30 minutes)

Ultimate Hand Treatment

 Men manicure

Get this treatment because your hands and nails are a mess or because you’ve got the time to really treat yourself and you want your hands to be nice and soft for later. (60 minutes)