The Ultimate Grooming Experience

Men, this isn't a salon, it's a Barber Lounge! It's the ultimate grooming experience. It's the place where you can have a drink with your service. And not just any drink. Stella on tap, specialty craft beers and ultra-premium cocktails. All complimentary.


We believe in meeting men where they live. We want to listen and get to know you so you can get an exceptional service; whether it's a haircut, traditional shave, hand or foot care. It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete, truck driver, attorney, plumber, or barista you need a man's place to get away, and have no stress!

This is your place.

We know how it is. The office phone is ringing, the cell phone is beeping, texts are coming in, this deadline got moved up, that meeting pushed back, and the bids aren't in. Plus it never stops. "I emailed you five minutes ago, did you get it?" Seriously. Come on in, take a break. Relax and get a nice barber cut, or a straight razor shave. Take some time out for you and give yourself a break. You deserve it. When you leave us, you'll look and feel a lot better. We promise.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for the nearest barbershop that offers first day of school hairstyles, rainy day hair, or George Clooney's latest hairstyle, this Denver barber shop has you covered.

“A fantastic experience every time I come in. The best men’s hair cut money can buy. I often get compliments when I’m on my way back in for a cut, 8 weeks later. Wonderful job.”
– Rolan Elmore