Clients waiting to get professional mens haircuts

GQ Barber Lounge is more than a barbershop.  But make no mistake: we are to the core: a barbershop.  This means that in addition to exceptional service, complementary craft beers, premium cocktails and unexpected surprises, you are going to get a killer haircut.  This also holds true for our other services including shaves, waxing, hand and foot care.

We hire very selectively. We train incessantly. We maintain our standards. And above all…WE CARE.

We now live in a time where customer service is a thing of the past. We pay at the pump, bank online, buy online and wait 20 minutes in line for a $5.00 cup of coffee. And yet, every place claims to be the “premier” this or the "best" that.  All the while promoting their awards and five star ratings. GQ Barber Lounge exists for one reason:  to treat you better than anyone else and to give you a haircut and related services that get you noticed.  Ok, that’s two reasons.

The GQ Barber Lounge Guarantee


Simple.  If you are not satisfied you don’t pay.  If you buy a product and don’t like it, let us know and we will refund your money. I am Bill Chrismer.  This is my shop.  And I want you to be elated when you leave and keep coming back to our lounge. We are dedicated to providing you with a men's club ambiance that truly allows you to relax, unwind & be cared for. 


Have a question? We're listening

“There are none better than Ralph in the whole city. Sets the bar high as a first class barber. True professional. ”
– Phil Germann

The GQ Barber Lounge Standard

 Ralph gives exceptional GQ mens haircuts

Our standard of guest care is simply to take care of you like no one else. To amaze and delight you in every way.

And we mean it.

Being extraordinary, exceptional and remarkable is what we do. It means going the extra mile, doing the unexpected, and consistently adding value.

To deliver that standard of care, we live it. We live it in what we believe, in how we think and in the way we speak and act.

The standard is high and uncompromising. It is a journey not a destination. It is a belief and a commitment supported by radical honesty, discipline, and systems.

We're serious about what we do.

We strive for perfection and we settle for excellence. The way we answer the phone, check you in, perform your service, bid farewell and follow up is an opportunity to grow. We commit to adding value in everything we do.

It is never about us. It is always about you. When we are too full of ourselves, when the focus is on us, when you become merely a client rather than our guest and friend, we have lost our edge. 


Every guest matters, every time.

“Great place for a professional CUT. Thanks for your excellent service!”
– George Volz